Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead!

September 28th, 2011 Comments Off on Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead!

Looking back, I have no idea why I named the previous post (We’re Off To See The Wizard…) the way I did.  I seemed to be in a Wizard of Oz frame of mind and rather than change horses in midstream I will forge ahead and declare the witch to be dead:

Ding-dong! The witch is dead!

At long last, after almost exactly five months, the living room and dining room renovation is complete. And none too soon. I’m nearly out of vacation and more critically, patience.

Lets look at some pictures:
At first glance it looks as though all that has happened since the last post is painting but rest assured that there is much more:

  • All of the woodwork including baseboard, window and door casing, two interior doors, 1 exterior door and 2 pocket doors were painstakingly repaired, restored and refinished.
  • New picture rail was added to both rooms.
  • New panel moulding was installed in both rooms.
  • All electrical was repaired/replaced and new solid brass face plates were installed.
  • A side project of rewiring a significant portion of the first floor was undertaken.
  • The living room was wired with two network connections, a satellite connection and a phone jack.
  • All communication/satellite services were consolidated into their own cabinet in the basement.
  • Every piece of hardware (hinges, screws, locksets, heating grates and door handles) were stripped, cleaned, repaired where needed, and refinished with either clear acrylic or gloss white paint.
  • Everything received a coat of primer (many things received two coats) and at least two topcoats.

I the middle of that list The Lovely Christina and I managed a week in Boston and Nantucket (photos here), a weekend in Batavia, a weekend in North Bay and a weekend spent helping a family member renovate their house.

This is the part of post where I make my thank you’s:

  • Dad for the countless hours of labour, consulting services and ideas.
  • Mom for helping with trim installation, furniture moving and muffins.
  • Sorcha and Megan at Uproar Paint and Paper for the advice and friendly service.
  • and finally The Lovely Christina for her support and patience with my sometimes over-meticulousness.

Here’s the best picture to come out of this most recent renovation.  The Lovely Christina captured this candid shot while Dad and I were discussing the best way to proceed with whatever we were trying to do.  Note the look on Dad’s face.

“You want to do what?!?”

There are some small projects yet to be completed such as replacing the weather stripping on the windows and finding suitable handles for the dining room side of the pocket doors but those are minor and I can do them when I get my reno-mojo back.

For now I am worn out, tired of renovating and in need of some down time. If you’ll excuse me I’m going for a nap and then maybe some video games.

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