Day 19 – Well Hung!

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The door that was on the bathroom before this fiasco started needed some work before it could be reused.

It got a set of shiny, heavy-duty hinges to hold the weight of a solid wood door.

Someone had laminated a sheet of plywood to the back of the door – I removed it and cleaned up the surface to get it ready for a new coat of paint.

The door had to be planed to fit cleanly into the re-hung door frame.

If I was a carpenter I would be poor. I’m the slowest carpenter ever but I prefer to go slow and do the work properly rather than rush and bung something up.

Day 18 – A Sturdy Tub Frame To Hold My Fat Ass

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There is something magical about long weekends. It’s only one extra day but we place such high expectations on ourselves to accomplish miracles.

I’m waiting on the electrical to be done in the bathroom so I didn’t have much of list this weekend. I wanted to get the tub framed in and the door re-hung.

Chad and my dad came over to play and between the three of us we got the tub framed in and the door partially hung.

This tub is going to be indestructable. Can you say over-engineered?

Enough work on a long-weekend, time for some relaxin’.

Days 16 & 17 – Walls!

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The room is starting to take shape.

One wall is completely insulated and vapour-barriered. The short wall along the back of the tub is framed in, as well as the wall that separates the bathroom from the rest of the house.

The door still needs to be hung but that’s a project for another day.

Rumour has is that Home Depot is coming to Pembroke and I for one can’t wait untill they open. Maybe then there will be a hardware store in Pembroke that can do something properly.

I placed a large order last week and since I don’t have a truck I had to get it delivered. The order was screwed up in every way possible:

1) I received items I didn’t order and didn’t need.
2) I received items I didn’t order and did need.
3) I was billed for items I didn’t order.
4) I didn’t receive items I did order and did need.

I think the way the shipper filled the order was: count the number of items I ordered and then ship a random selection of items that total the number of things I ordered.

To make matters worse, I did a test fit of the tub tonight and I found out that the acrylic is cracked on one corner. The instructions that came with the tub assured me that the tub was meticulously inspected at the facotory for defects and that I should leave it in all its protective packaging until it was time to install it. I took the styrofoam corners off the tub so that I could do a test fit and that is when I discovered the crack.

Now I have to arrage for this tub to be returned and a new one, hopefully one that is in perfect shape, to be delivered, again.

I’m convinced that I’m going to spend the rest of my life travelling back and forth to the hardware store correcting errors.


Days 14 & 15 – Floor!

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Cubby #1 done:

Plywood floor down, screwed every 6 inches and as needed. No squeaky squeaky:

Day 13 – An Ugly Shelving Unit

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Sunday passed very quickly.

My father is making progress on one of the shower cubbys:

After a hard day of work all I have to show for it is a rather ugly shelving unit:

The box that you can see in the middle of the picture (it has a red level sitting in it) is the framing for the built-in medicine cabinet. It took me an absurdly long time to frame it but I feel it was worth it. If the mirror is not at the right height it would be a constant reminder that haste makes waste. The next time Christina is home I’ll get her to give the “ok” on the placement.

Tired, sleep…

Day 12 – Spray Foam Is Not A Toy!

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We started by insulating the back wall of the bathroom. There is no insulation in the walls (yet) so we decided to insulate everything in this new bathroom. Apart from the insulation value I’m hoping to achieve some sound deadening and an overall feeling of coziness.

On a related note, I have sold the siding on the back part of my house to my neighbour and the styrofoam insulation that was underneath is what I am using to insulate the bathroom.

Here is a picture of the back wall, insulated.

The window-wall was a mess. Different materials, levels and just plain ugly. We spent much of the day leveling, framing, and insulating a fresh 2 x 2 stud wall on top of the original.

Spray foam is great at insulating hard to reach and small places. Here’s a tip from me to you: read the instructions and follow the instructions.

When it says to use rubber gloves, use rubber gloves.

When it says to use old or impermeable clothes, use old or impermeable clothes.

When it says an open can is only good for two weeks, do not use it after 9 months.

It’s the simple things in life that you have to pay attention to.

Enough of Woody’s Wisdom.

In the end, there is spray foam splattered all over the ceiling, all over the floor, in one of my favourite tape measures, on my utility knife, on my pants, on my hands, on my dad’s hands, on my shoes and only a little bit around the window and around the stack where we intended it to go.

We also managed to place the bottom plate for another wall.

Enough work for one day, besides, I have to spend the rest of the evening cleaning my hands.

Damn spray foam!

Days 9, 10 & 11 – Holes No More

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Although slow, work is proceding steadily. The gaping holes in the floor have been closed in – much more solid than before, and the duct work is completed and will be standing long after the house is gone.

My dad and I have been calculating the amount of materials necessary (framing lumber, insulation, drywall, etc.) and arranging for their delivery. The first load arrived on the afternoon of day 10.

The weekend is coming… I can devote my full attention to the project.

Days 6, 7 & 8 – Apparently Size Does Matter

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After some gentle persuasion from frineds and family I have decided to extend the bathroom by 2 and a half feet into the laundry room.

There are a number of advantages:

1) There will be space for a linen closet in the bathroom. Currently there is no linen clost in the house and all extra towels, etc. are stored on a shelf in my bedroom.

2) The strange header just outside the original bathroom wall will disappear as it becomes part of the new bathroom wall.

3) I won’t have to listen to “You should have made it bigger when you had the chance” for the rest of my life.

4) I can throw small parties in my bathroom, mabe even host a square dance.

There are also some disadvantages:

1) The laundry room becomes much smaller, but still workable. I’m going to have to learn to deal with it.

2) I have only purchased materials for the original bathroom size. Again, I’m going to have to learn to deal with it.

These past three days have been about demolition. My dad and I have been trying to get the “room” to a point where we can start the construction as opposed to the destruction.

Here is a shot of the bigger room, almost completely opened up.

In the foreground you can see where I’ve cut away the layers of flooring to bring the floor back down to the oringinal floor boards. They still need to be cleaned up a bit but all in good time.

My dad has been working at reconstructing the duct work. He has a special knack for sheet metal.

When I was pulling up some lovely salmon coloured linoleum tile I came across this: a tin can lid nailed to the floor.

It covers a hole in the floor, approximately an inch and a half across. Curious. I can’t imagine what the hole would have been for – it’s too far away from any other plumbing in this part of the house.

Day 5 – New Pipes, Ahhhhh!

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The plumbers showed up and after working for an hour all the cast iron plumbing in the house was sitting in the back yard. All 600 lbs of it.

Because the original installation of the plumbing in the house was a retrofit, the pipes were run outside the walls and in the easiest way possible. This is the only reason the pipes came out as easy as they did.

After a short, and well deserved break, the plumbers proceeded to replumb the house with ABS. It took them almost no time at all and by 1 in the afternoon they were done.

There is about a foot of cast iron in the attic and a foot of galvanized in the basement that would have been too much work and mess to replace. Other than that the entire house is now ABS.

The bathroom was also roughed-in:

If anyone needs a good plumber, I can recommend one.

Day 4 – My Pipes!

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Day 4 was a very short day. The plan for Day 4 was to properly close in the floor underneath the sink and toilet.

While we were cleaning up the opening we came across this hole in the pipes:

I’ve got a plumber coming in 2 days to replace all the cast iron drain pipe in the house so things are on hold for a bit.

Where am I?

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