Week 8 – A Crowning Achievement!

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This week was all about crown moulding. My dad found this product, gypsum crown moulding. It comes with two components, the flat step peice, and the curved cove piece.

The step pieces are mounted on the walls and ceiling, using as many pieces as you want to create the desired profile. The cove is then placed against the two steps to complete the look. All pieces are buttered with joint compound just before they are put in place making any joints seamless.

It took a long time to install but I think it takes the bathroom from “nice” to “beautiful.”

Week 7 – Will It Ever End?

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Not too much progress in week 7. In fact, week 7 set me back 6 weeks… hmm… I’ve never been very good at math but I think I’m back to week 1.

What am I talking about?

Because of the last minute decision to make the bathroom bigger I had to special order additional tile. When I ordered the tile I was given an estimated delivery date of 5 – 7 business days: respectable for a special order.

The day before I was to go to Ottawa to pick up the tile I got a phone call telling me that the tile was back-ordered and would be delayed a further 6 weeks. Fine. Great. Flippin’ wonderful!

Ok, back to business…

Dad spent the most of the week plastering. He’s the King of Crackfill, the Master of Plaster. Seriously though, he’s very meticulous and you couldn’t ask for a better job. I can’t show you a picture because there wouldn’t be anything to look at.

Towards the end of the week we got the last bit of concrete board hung. The tub/shower is finally closed in. A picture for you:

Until next posting.

Change Of Topic

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It seems like I spend all my time in working on the bathroom, and when I’m not working on the bathroom I’m talking about the bathroom, and when I’m not talking about the bathroom I’m thinking about the bathroom.

I have been doing other things though…

I built and installed this beautiful and incredibly elegant rack of coat hooks.

Week 6 – Skin On The Walls

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Week 6 (when will this be done?) was a busy week with lots of significant progress being made.

1. Dad finished plastering and priming the laundry room wall.

Paint colours are under discussion, and while Christina has the final say, any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. The current colour is “Chinatown Orange” (no joke).

2. The plumber came back and finished roughing in the sink, shower, laundry facilites and installed the tub.

New laundry hook-ups – yay clean clothes!

New tub – yay new tub!

The tub has a mortar bed to support the bottom, is glued to the frame, and is screwed to the surrounding walls. Tub no move.

The new, uncracked tub arrived this week, no charge, care of Rona.

3. The upper half of the batroom walls and the closet area were drywalled with water resistant drywall.

4. The bottom half of the walls were covered in concrete backer board.

I’m putting this backer board under all tile that I’m installing. This material is concrete sandwiched between layers of fibreglass and is perfectly waterproof.

Not much progress in the shower area yet but hopefully this weekend. My plan has been to practice on the large open spaces of the bathroom before I put my skills to use in the critical shower area.

I’m Losing Count

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The bathroom renovation has taken on a life of its own and I can’t control it anymore… what have I done!!

It’s getting hard to keep track of what happend on what day and some of the tasks take up more than 1 day so I’ve decided to make a change:

I’m going to start doing weekly posts.

Day 24 – Drywall

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The load of drywall arrived today and my dad wasted no time in skinning the laundry room wall.

And no, that’s not the true size of the bathroom door, my dad was running low on time and he had left the radio on on the other side of the wall so he had to cut a quick opening before he packed it in for the day.

I’ve ranted before about the inferior service at local hardware stores and here’s a little more:

When I placed the order of drywall I asked for drywall screws as well. Simple enough. Could they get it right? Don’t think so!

I got bag of screws, all drywall screws but with two different heads. About a quarter of the bag were Robertson and rest were Phillips. It’s very frustrating to have to check every screw to make sure you have the right bit for it.

My homework for the evening was to sort three pounds of drywall screws into a Phillips pile and a Robertson pile.


Days 22 & 23 – Exhausting, Literally.

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Its getting harder and harder to come up with clever titles for these posts. I apologize and I’ll try to better in the future.

My goal for the weekend was to install the exhaust fan.

The electrician drilled a hole in the ceiling for the grille so that saved me a lot of trouble.

I went all out on the exhaust fan – I wanted one that was quiet and that could be remote-mounted so that I didn’t have an ugly grille in the bathroom ceiling. The advantage of getting a remote-mounted fan is that the motor can be put far away from the grille to minimize noise, the fan can be ducted to ventilate multiple rooms, and the intrusion into the bathroom is minimal.

The installation of the fan, although time-consuming, went very well with no snags at all. It took us by surprise.

Here is a shot of the grille in the bathroom:

And here are the mechanics in the attic, partially installed:

I used rigid ducting which I then wrapped with duct wrap and vapour barrier. All the joints were screwed and taped in place. This bathroom fan will be here long after I am gone.

In the last picture you can see the fan housing in the middle of the frame.

One last note about the fan: it is rated for a room approximately 5 times larger than my bathroom and is almost perfectly quiet. The only sound you can hear in the bathroom when it is on is the rush of air.

Can you tell I’m very proud of my exhaust fan?

Days 20 & 21 – Yay Wires!

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Work came to a stall as we waited for the electrician to do his thing. The electrical was the only thing that got done this week.

Two new circuits were pulled, one for the laundry room and the heated floor and the other for the rest of the bathroom.

Two new boxes on either side of the medicine cabinet for sconces, a new box centered in the ceiling, a new plug to the right of the sink, a new plug in the closet, and wiring for the floor thermostat.

I also started to insulate a little bit. I wanted to see what the bathroom would feel like with closed in walls.

It feels “pink”.

Where am I?

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