Running Water… Sort Of

September 18th, 2005 § Comments Off on Running Water… Sort Of § permalink

Progress report:

1. All tile work is done. All wall tiles (1,003), all chair rail tiles, and all baseboard tiles.

2. 75% of the grouting is done.

3. Toilet is installed and functional (trust me).

The Short List

1. Finish grouting.
2. Finish caulking.
3. Install sink.
4. Install shower fixtures.
5. Refinish and hang door.
6. Install door casing.

Tile, Tile, Everywhere

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The first thing tile to go in was the floor. It’s called “Octagon and Dot.” Creative, huh?

Grouted with “bright white” sanded grout. And it’s warm.

The medicine cabinet is installed, along with 2 sconces. Christina picked out the lights and she did a great job.

The tile on the walls is a 3″ x 6″ gloss white subway tile. They look really good but are very tedious to install. Mmm shiny.

More tile. Mmm shiny.

Back In The Bathroom

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It’s been a while since the last bathroom post… July 17 to be exact. The special order tile finally came in about the middle of August and I’ve been working in the bathroom ever since.

I’ve been neglecting the blog in favour of spending my time tiling.

Here come the pictures:

Dad and I installed the bathroom subfloor system. What you’re seeing is the Schluter Ditra subfloor system for tile. It provides a stable base for installing tile. Underneath the orange floor is the heated floor mat. Most of the bathroom floor (a 5′ x 5′ area) is heated.

Here you can see the power and thermostat wires from the heated floor hanging out of the wall. The control system for the floor was installed shortly after.

Once the floor was done, the walls in the shower got waterproofed. The orange stuff on the walls is Schluter Kerdi waterproof membrane. It’s a sheet of plastic with fleece on both sides so the thinset cement sticks to it. It goes up surprisingly easy.

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