Wanna See My Wood?

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It took me a while but I finally sorted through the huge pile of wood that I salvaged from the summer kitchen. I pulled thousands of nails and now I have all this wood in my basement. My dad piled it neatly in the basement and now it just waiting for me to build something out of it…

Warm Tootsies

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The basement underneath my kitchen is a separate room and therefore doens’t get very warm. As a result, the kitchen floor is very cold in the winter. My dad and I used all the styrofoam insulation recovered from the summer kitchen to insulate the kitchen floor.

We managed to get 2 inches over the entire floor and anywhere we couldn’t get the styrofoam Dad went nuts with the spray foam.

PB1 is …. BB1?

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The second bedroom is referred to as “Pink Bedroom 1”, or PB1 for short (it was originally a gut wrenching colour of pink). I had some extra paint leftover from the famous bathroom renovation so I get Dad to spruce up PB1 a bit.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for a room.

Although technically PB1 should be renamed BB1 (Blue Bedroom 1) after the paint job I’m going to keep the name PB1.

If I were to call the bedroom BB1 it would cause nothing but problems:

1) Would I have to rename it every time the colour changed?

2) If I call it BB1, that implies that there is a BB2, which there isn’t.

3) People are just learning which room I’m referring to when I talk about PB1 and calling it something else would just further confuse people.

So that’s my thought process for calling it PB1.

So there.


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It may not look like anything worth posting about, but it’s a beig deal for me.

This is one end of a three way switch that controls the upstairs hall light. Up until a little while ago the switch was wired incorrectly; the effect being that the two switches had to be arranged in a specific combination to get the hall light to work.

Justin came for a visit and fixed it for me.

Lights out.

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