God Is In The Details

February 3rd, 2006 § Comments Off on God Is In The Details § permalink

As I do more and more work on the house I find myself asking “What were they thinking?”

One of thise moments came as I was chipping the plaster off of the corner details on the downstairs closet. In the picture you can see the the plaster detail after I chiseled an inch of plaster off of it.

For some reason a previous owner wanted to cover them up. Fine. I can accept that. But the job they did was terrible. The corner wasn’t square or smooth. It looked like a physically handicapped monkey did the job.

Dad repaired the corner with plaster of paris and a template carved out of a stir stick. It came out very well.

I also ripped up Dirty Kermit and put down a new sub-floor.

The details of the finished floor are still being “discussed”.

Stay tuned.

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