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The house looks like it’s under fire from a pirate ship.

Last weekend Dad and I drilled a bunch of holes in the walls in the front hall and blew in cellulose insulation.

It seems I over-estimated the amount of insulation I needed. I called every hardware store in town asking what size bags of insulation they carried and what size of a cavity a bag would fill. No one could give me an answer.

I figured it would be better to over-estimate rather than under-estimate so I ordered 30 bags. It turns out I only needed 8.

Than means I have 22 bags left for next time.

Now that the coldest room in the house is insulated, the cold weather has left.

Our next project, with the help of an electrician friend, is to properly wire the lights in the front hall. This requires more holes.

Maybe by next weekend I’ll have my electricity back.

The laptop battery is getting low so I’ll sign off now. See you in a bit.

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