Walls… No Walls!

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Part of the mid-winter re-wiring involved cutting large access holes in the upstairs hallway. We also discovered an old stove pipe bricked into the wall. I could have stripped the 5 layers of paint and wallpaper and refinished the wall, but it would never have been up to snuff.

The alternative was to ditch the lath and plaster and go with drywall. I much prefer plaster; it has more character and is a stronger wall than drywall, but life is full of compromises.

Day 1, Right Wall:

Day 2, Left Wall:
We picked two days where the temperature outside peaked around 28 degrees. We blocked both ends of the hallway with plastic, hermetically sealing ourselves in the hallway. It was a little dusty and sweaty.

Day 2, Dad:

Day 2, Woody:
I found plaster dust in places where I didn’t know I could get plaster dust.

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