I Can See Clearly Now…

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After spending the better part of two months refinishing the front door I decided I would like to protect it from the elements.

I ordered an Anderson storm door from Home Depot. It’s one of those fancy ones where the screen rolls up into the frame when it’s not in use.

I also got the model that has glass from top to bottom for a better view from the inside and a clear view of the newly refinished front door from the outside.
Doors are made in standard widths of 32″, 34″, and 36″ wide by 78″ high. Because I live in an older home, there is nothing standard about it. My front door is 35″ wide by 84″ high.

Do you know what that means?

That means custom.

Do you know what custom means?

Custom means expensive.

I have to give credit where’s it’s due:

1) When I ordered the door, Anderson asked for the exact size of my opening and the door they sent me fit perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit.

2) I ordered the door in June when it was not on sale and it arrived in July when it was on sale. Home Depot was kind enough to refund me the difference even though I clearly didn’t fit within the terms of the sale that were listed in the flyer.

Look at that view!

No Walls… Walls!

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Not much to say really, the title says it all.

We got walls now.
Before we put the drywall up, the walls were insulated with noise and fire protection insulation. That means that if there’s a fire in the hallway I can still sleep peacefully.

I suppose it also means that if I’m on fire in the bedroom (literally, not figuratively) no one else will be bothered by my flames or high-pitched, girlish screams.

In the near future I hope to add trim, crown moulding, and paint to the list of things in the upstairs hall.

I also plan to put a fire extinguisher in the bedroom.

Where am I?

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