Holey Crap!

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I hate to say it but here goes… summer is coming to an end.

And with the end of summer comes the beginning of cool fall days.

And when you live in a 112 year-old house cool fall days mean the beginning of heating season.

And the beginning of heating season kicks a certain series of events into motion:

1) I renew my furnace protection plan.
2) I phone Direct Energy and make an appointment to get my furnace cleaned and tuned up.
3) I start wondering where I put my pants last spring.
4) And the point of this post, I start thinking about the lack of insulation in this palace.

Some of you may remember the great insulation incident of spring 2006. I know I do.

Since we survived that adventure with little or no mishap, I decided to knock things up a notch and insulate most of the rest of the house.

On tap for this go ’round are:

the dining room…

Pink Bedroom #2…

the kitchen…

the living room…
(picture to follow)

and the office.
(picture to follow)

We spent most of labour day drilling the holes, a couple of other rooms will be done later in the week, and the actual insulation should go in this coming weekend.

After this, the rooms that aren’t insulated are:

1) The master bedroom. (Actually it is insulated, but not with blown cellulose. It has an inch of expanded polystyrene lining the inside. While it’s not perfect, it is fairly comfortable and it’s just too much trouble to insulate properly at this time.)

2) Pink Bedroom #1 (Same situation as above.)

3) The laundry room.

4) The downstairs bathroom.

These rooms are just too difficult and would require more demolition than I’m willing to do at this point. I’ll insulate them as I renovate them.

I promise.

Gotta go now… to quote a friend: “I’m lacking pants!”

Crown Sprint

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Like most people, I need a little motivation sometimes. I’ve found that self-inflicted motivation works best.

Christina and I were having company one recent weekend so I set a goal for myself:

I wanted the crown moulding and the light fixture in the upstairs hallway to be completely finished.

I started work at 7 am and hung up the toolbelt around 10:30 pm.

At the beginning of the day there was nothing to the ceiling. With my dad’s help I installed the crown moulding, patched the nail holes and joints, primed, and put two coats of paint on the moulding and ceiling.

The medallion was also primed and painted, and the light fixture was installed.

Note to self: Don’t do any more home improvement sprints… I was useless for the next two days.

Some other items of note:

1) Dad and I have been stripping… some of the existing moulding which can be seen in the lower centre of the picture. This has been done since the sprint.

2) Dad and I also installed some of the reproduction trim that I acquired. This can be see on the doorways on the left and right of the picture.

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