The Sky Is Falling

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When people ask me how the house is coming along, my standard reply is: “I’m just trying to keep it from falling down.”

People think I’m joking.

I’m not.

See below for an example. This was waiting for me when I got home from work today.

That was were it landed, and this is where it came from…

On the bright side, I’ve always wondered what the original fascia looks like.


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I spent the weekend in Rochester with Christina. On our way out one morning we spotted a yard sale in a very fancy neighbourhood.

“PULL OVER! PULL OVER!” Christina yelled.

We scored this wing-back chair for $110. It’s very comfy and in nearly perfect condition.

Side Porch Painting

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Next project, painting the side porch so I don’t feel like a hobo every time I come home.


After… (the first day)

I’ll post more pictures when it’s fully completed.

Fill Fill Sod Sod

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After the foundation was patched, Dad, Brad and I installed the rest of the drainage tile on this side of the house and along the back. It was uneventful and I forgot to take pictures so you’re just going to have to use your imagination. It took the better part of a hot and sunny Saturday and we were all glad to have it done.

It turns out I needed some fill to get a nice slope away from the foundation so Dad and I ended up at one of the local pits at 6:45am the next Wednesday to get a load dumped in my truck (Dad did a load the day before on his own).

We needed two loads of topsoil (hence the “fill fill”).

On Friday of the week I picked up my order of sod from a local Nursery and Dad and I laid it. It turns out I didn’t order enough so I had to make another trip hence the “sod sod”). The first trip was 15 rolls, the second trip was 10 rolls. It seems someone miscalculated.

We just finished sodding as the heavens opened and poured rain for the next 8 days.

Laying sod is my new favourite home improvement. It’s easy – just like unrolling carpet, and it’s instant gratification – one minute there’s dirt, the next you have a green lawn.

It beats the hell out of grass seed, that’s for sure!

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

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Remember way back in the last post how I said Brad and I were cleaning out mortar lines? Well, Brad was working on one of the basement windows (see below) and behind some loose mortar he found a fairly large gap in the foundation. He called me over because he could see something in the hole, so I went over to investigate…

This is what we pulled out of the crack:

Clockwise from top left,
1) Green polo shirt
2) Blue t-shirt
3) White turtle-neck
4) Pembroke Foodliner plastic bag
5) Brum’s Dairy plastic bag
6) Blue Mr. Brief’s (size medium), and
7) A&P plastic bag

There was also a wool work sock that I could see but I think it was locked in with mortar because I couldn’t get it out.

This discovery raises a lot of questions, the answers to which I don’t think I want to know.

For example:

a) Who’s clothes are these? (and what is he wearing now?)
b) What kind of moron stuffs old clothes into their foundation? (Apparently the kind who used to own my house)
c) What else has been stuffed into other parts of the house? (I’m sure I find out eventually)

Anyways, we cleaned out the mortar joints and Dad spent the next week repointing the foundation.

Trench Warfare, Part 2

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In the afternoon we started excavating on the other side of the house. The trench needed to run parallel to the house about two feet from the foundation. The only problem is that the tree/bush thing you can see in the picture below was directly in the way.

We began trenching from the back of the house and piling the fill where the summer kitchen used to stand. About 2pm we realized that we couldn’t avoid the tree/bush any longer. Dad used my electric chainsaw (yes, I’m a real man, with a real man’s chainsaw!) to get rid of the 200 trunks.

After the above-ground bit was gone we tackled the below-ground bit. It took 2 short-handled shovels, 1 long-handled shovel, a 5 foot pry bar, an axe, a pick-axe, 6 hours, and a fair amount of swearing to get the damn thing out of the ground.

We packed it in at 8:45 with 98% of the roots out of the ground. None of the roots were overly long but there were hundreds of them, all intertwined in such a way that if you pulled on one, you were pulling on all of them. The above picture was taken when we regrouped the next morning to continue digging. You can see my dad contemplating the pile of roots in the wheelbarrow (1 of 3 loads).

In the picture below we have a close-up of the roots, and again, my dad thinking hard about something. When we dug out around the window underneath the kitchen we found that there was almost no mortar left between the stones. We dug about 3 feet down, nearly to the bottom, to find where the damage stopped.

At this point the drainage tile work ground to a halt and we switched to foundaion repair mode. Brad and I excavated two courses of stone below ground level and began cleaning out the joints.

But that’s another story…

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