After The Big Pour

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The cement truck showed up about 8:30 on Saturday morning and after a little bit of maneuvering to get the chute in through the window, we began to pour. We brought all the concrete in through the window at the top of the picture and wheel-barrowed it into the back room.

Elvis was nice enough to donate his Saturday to helping me get the basement floor done. I was on wheel-barrow duty and Elvis was in charge of the entire operation.

From start to finish it took 9 hours. I didn’t realize that there was so much work involved in getting a smooth floor. We did three complete hand-trowellings and it was one of the most physically demanding jobs I’ve done around here.

The floor turned out fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

It is now the day after and I ache all over. Posting this is about all I have the energy to do.

Before The Big Pour

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This is what the basement looked like the night before the pour. The 2×4’s you can see around the perimeter were placed into the concrete to form a trough to catch any water that happens to make its way into the basement.

I was so excited the night before the big pour that I could hardly sleep. It was just like Christmas Eve!

Dressers From Craigslist

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What did we do before the Internet?

I was cruising craigslist the other night just to pass the time and the next thing I know I’m hauling these back to Pembroke from Kanata

Two end tables…
… and a dresser.

Mole Men

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This latest project is really two projects in one.

The back room in the basement needs to be excavated so I can pour a concrete floor. The “pit” in the backyard where the summer kitchen used to be needs to be filled. I’m using the excavated dirt from the basement to fill in the pit.

The back room is 226 square feet and needs to be lowered approximately 4 inches. Dad is in charge of digging while I’m on bucket detail.

Here’s my basement floor in a pile in the backyard. I lost count of the number of 5 gallon buckets I carried but I’ll estimate it at about 100. My fingers are cramping as I write this so I’ll sign off now… more digging tomorrow.

Side Porch, Phase 1 Complete

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The outside of the side porch is finished. A coat of primer and two finish coats.

Lookin’ pretty sharp!

Phase 2 involves painting the inside: floor and walls. Opening this summer in theatres everywhere.

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