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Yup, repointing – the project of fall/winter/tax season.

All of the interior foundation walls are in rough shape and need a lot of repointing. There’s not really all that much more to say about it. The next six months is going to look remarkably similar to the above picture.

Watch That First Step

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This is a picture taken from the basement door, looking down.

You many remember The Big Pour that happened earlier this summer. There were a handful of small areas in the basement that did not get filled with concrete for convenience reasons. There were two small sump holes and the area under the basement stairs, which is what you are looking at in the above picture.

After taking the basement stairs out, Dad and I excavated about 12 inches, filled with gravel, inserted weeping tile, covered with gravel, and then poured concrete.

Now, finally, the basement is completely concrete and that earthy smell is gone. Further, any water that may come into the basement will be automatically diverted. The water will be caught by the trough in the floor, channelled to the sump via weeping tile, and then, as a last resort, pumped out of the sump.

I can’t wait until next spring. I’ll be standing in the basement screaming “Bring on the flood!”

(It’s good I live alone.)

Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

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This is the first in a potentially new series here on The Woody Housing Project.

Recent search terms that have lead people to this site:

  • “a sidewalk tile of concrete did herself laying”

– Free verse renovation poetry?
– Yoda? Is that you?

  • lipitor

– What!?! Try

  • “no warranty expressed or implied”

– Ain’t that the truth!

  • “wood project for pirates”

Aarrrrrr! Pirates be renovators too!

  • “gas furnace green goo”

– I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you call a furnace repair man for this one.

That’s all for now. Let me know if you like this new feature.

Cedar Exorcism

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This post is about what’s not there. Can you spot what’s missing in the picture below? If you’re having trouble try reading the title again…

The two overgrown cedar hedges that were below the window have been removed. It was surprising how little effort it took to get them out. Dad took one out while I was painting the porch (see previous post) and then we switched and I took the other one out while Dad was painting the porch (see previous post).

The bush that was on the left was covering the gas line as it enters the house (visible in the picture if you look closely) and so we had to be very gentle when we removed it. About a month ago I called the and got the gas line marked – it turns out that the line travelled directly under the hedge. “Don’t cut the big yellow root!”

We have too little energy and money to bother planting anything in front of the house this year so we decided to wait until spring. I’m thinking boxwoods…

Front Porch Facelift

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The front porch was getting jealous of all the attention that the side porch was getting this summer. In order to keep the peace around here we decided that the front porch could use a coat of paint. We used the same white and blue/grey paint that we used on the side porch.

I have yet to hang the flower baskets back up but you get the picture.

A special mention goes to my father for painting most of the lattice.

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