Fine Tuning the Staircase

July 14th, 2008 § Comments Off on Fine Tuning the Staircase § permalink

Since finishing painting the staircase last month I’ve been spending time admiring / criticizing my handiwork.

I found the large expanses of white trim a little too bland, especially where it abutted the white ceiling. After careful consideration, consultation and debate I decided to paint the inset panels the same colour of the wall.

Here’s how it turned out… I think it’s the difference between “ok” and “wow”.

I also spent time touching up the line between the white trim and the brown treads. Being an old staircase, the corners in these areas aren’t perfectly crisp and therefore there was some bleeding beneath my taping job. This past weekend saw me using a tiny hobby brush to touch up the line – by far one of the most ridiculous (yet necessary) things I’ve found myself doing around this place.

Next weekend I’ll try to start the Varathane on the treads.

The Obligatory Summer Garden Post

July 1st, 2008 § Comments Off on The Obligatory Summer Garden Post § permalink

The title says it all.

I’ll try to remember to post some more pictures towards the end of the summer when everything has filled out a little more.

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