Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

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One of the things I’ve learned aboot working on this house is that preparation is everything. For example, I’ve spent the past five months stripping paint, filling holes, stripping paint, sanding rough patches, stripping paint, manufacturing replacement baseboards, stripping paint, and sundry other tasks.

Five months! ¬†Five freakin‘ months!

I’m so friggin‘ tired of working on this room.

To complicate things even more I have to unhook the washer and dryer and move them out of the room every time I want to work in here.

Just recently Dad and I drilled 3 5/8″ holes in the walls and blew in cellulose insulation. You won’t be able to see anything in the pictures because I forgot to take pictures. It looked something like this.

One of the reasons I took these pictures is that I have a difficult task ahead of me. My next step it to prime the bare wood that I’ve spent the last FIVE MONTHS stripping. It will be emotional but I a have a tub of Heavenly Hash to help me through it.

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