Turkey Dreams and Cranberry Nightmares

October 22nd, 2008 § 1 comment § permalink

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now that we’ve recovered lets review some of the stats:

Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Participants in Thanksgiving dinner: 15
  • Pounds of turkey consumed: 22
  • Bones we had to break to get the turkey into the roast pan: 3
  • Loaves of bread The Lovely Christina stuffed up the back-end of the turkey: 2 (ouch)
  • Pounds of potatoes peeled: 10
  • Pounds of butter in the mashed potatoes: 1 (we’re all gonna die)
  • Dishes served: 17
  • Pies decimated: 5
  • Turkey-induced nightmares reported: 4
  • Turkey-induced nightmares involving ninjas reported: 1
  • Casualties resulting from turkey-induced nightmares involving ninjas: 1

Turkey-Hangover Brunch

  • Participants in turkey-hangover brunch: 9 (6 casualties from the evening before)
  • Pounds of bacon: 3
  • Eggs broken: 28
  • Pounds of hash browns: 3
  • Loaves of toast: 1
  • Loaves of French toast: 1
  • Hours of intensive napping required to recover: 5

Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who travelled from far away to be here, everyone who brought a dish, and everyone who took leftovers. Sadly some people couldn’t make it; we missed them but we’ll see them soon.

Gobble gobble.

Brick Brick

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When I moved in, there were two bricks on the corner by the back porch that were in rough shape. Because of poor roof and gutter maintenance, water and ice built up on this corner in the winter. The results of freezing and thawing caused two of the bricks to be severely compromised.

I’ve been putting off the repair for a while because I was trying to find replacement bricks that would match the house. No luck. It seems no one makes bricks of the same dimensions anymore, let alone colour or texture.

If you look closely you can spot the two bricks that don’t match. It’s not as bad looking as I thought it would be. Eventually I plan to build a new porch that will cover this corner and therefore eliminate both the water problem and the mismatch problem.

There are two other bricks that have begun to deteriorate but I decided to leave them be for now. Although the bricks look weak and compromised, they are remarkably strong and stable. It would take a couple of hours with a hammer and chisel to get each out and at this point I don’t want to replace two pretty good, matching bricks with two perfect, mismatched bricks.

Finishing, Finishing, Finishing

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With (Canadian) Thanksgiving coming up and 14 people coming for the weekend I had promised to myself (and to The Lovely Christina) that I would have the laundry room finished in time.

Nothing motivates like a deadline and all my friends and family coming to inspect my work.

This room was a challenge for a number of reasons:

  • Small size,
  • Three doorways,
  • Stairwell,
  • Washer and dryer connections,
  • Attic hatch, and
  • and a built-in cupboard.

The colour is “Sisal” from Home Depot and is the same colour as the other common areas of the second floor. If you were to walk up the front stairs, along the second floor hallway, through the laundry room, and down the back stairs every wall is the same colour and every piece (and I mean every piece) of trim has been stripped to bare wood, patched, primed and refinished.

Now that one more room is finished, it’s onward…. to the rest of the house!

Stay tuned.

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