A Traditional Woody Project Family Christmas

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So every year The Lovely Christina and I go to the Christmas tree farm just outside town where we pick out a tree from the ones that have been pre-cut and placed in the barn. And every year we say how we should ride the wagon into the woods and cut our own.

This year when we pulled into the farm the wagon was waiting so without thinking we jumped on and were taken to the “Middle Field” and dropped off.

“There’s a nice tree.”
Shake shake shake.
“Nope, it’s a little bare on one side.”

“There’s a nice tree over there.”
Shake shake shake,
“Nope, it’s not quite right.”

This continued for about a half hour at which point we found ourselves at the far corner of the “East Field” up to our waists in snow looking at the perfect tree.

Another twenty minutes passed as I cut down the tree with a rusty saw.

Then I had to drag the 10 foot tree the half mile back to the wagon pickup point. I’m an accountant and I sit at a desk all day which it turns out is poor preparation for dragging a very large tree through the bush in waist deep snow. But I persevered, with encouragement from The Lovely Christina, and we finally got it loaded in the truck about a half hour before sunset.

I had to call Dad in to help wrastle the tree into the house and into position and here is the result:

Next year I think we’ll either choose one of the pre-cut ones or pick one a lot closer to the wagon – it’s two weeks later and I’m still a little out of breath from the ordeal.

Where am I?

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