The Master Plan

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This post is about a project that has been long overdue. In preparation for the impending homecoming of The Lovely Christina I decided to freshen up the master bedroom with some paint.

Since we bought this money pit I have treated the master bedroom as a sanctuary – the one room that was off limits to tools, dust, dirt, shoes, etc. It was nice to have one room that I could retreat to when the renovations seemed to never end. The downside to this is that the room was neglected – aside from a thorough cleaning when we moved in nothing had ever been done to it.

The before pictures were taken before we moved in. I tried to take the after pictures from the same angle for a better comparison. (From looking at the after photos it appears that I have an undiagnosed inner ear disorder – I may have to look into that.)

Standing at the closet, facing the front of the house. The old wood stove was recycled long ago.

The trim has been pained white (three coats to cover the brown) and the wall colour is “Promenade” by Behr.

Standing at the front window facing the back of the house.

The closet was painted a chocolate brown and had new hardware installed – the paint was left over from one of my Dad’s projects.

This was just a lipstick-on-a-pig job – a stop-gap measure to get us a few years into the future. The real renovation of the master bedroom will be a massive undertaking because it is a room full of cover ups:

  • there are at least two false ceilings;
  • the walls have been strapped and covered with horrible paneling;
  • the baseboard has been installed on top of the original baseboard
  • the chimney has been veneered with new brick;
  • the hearth is a mystery;
  • and the carpet that you can see in the photos is the second layer of carpet and at least the fourth layer of flooring.

…but these are all adventures for another day.

P.S. – thanks to Dad for helping me paint, Mom for making the lunches, and Ted the Angry Zombie for the grunts and moans of encouragement.

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