I Cannot Tell a Lie

August 5th, 2009 § 1 comment § permalink

In our backyard is a very fruitful crabapple tree. Starting each August it begins dropping over-ripe crabapples, turning our backyard into a rotten, slimy mess.

The rotten crabapples embed themselves in the grass, attract flies and wasps, stick to the bottom of your shoes, gum up the lawnmower, and give the local birds, dogs, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, and raccoons the runs (or the crabapple two-step as it is known around here).

To deal with this problem I pick up hundreds of apples every day for 3 months. This year I finally had enough.

You can see how large the tree is in the above picture. I can’t tell you how old the tree is but I can tell you that one branch of a fork 3/4 up the tree had about 30 rings. In my experience I have never seen a crabapple tree that has been allowed to grow this tall.

Our friends Keri and Chris were visiting for the August long weekend and volunteered to help me cut the tree in half, thereby cutting the amount of crabapples in half.

I climbed the tree with my trusty electric chainsaw (don’t laugh, it gets the job done) and cut the branches as Chris directed from the ground. I took out about six smaller branches on my way up and then removed three large branches (about 10 inches in diameter) from the top. The picture above shows the tree with one of the three large branches remaining. This picture reminds me of something Dr. Seuss would draw.

The completed pruning job.

Pruning the tree was relatively easy… cleaning up was not. All of the activity of pruning knocked a few thousand crabapples to the ground all at once. We made one dump run with the truck fully loaded and I’ll have to do another run this weekend to clean up the remaining brush.

For your viewing pleasure I am pleased to present the very first Woody Housing Project video. If you listen carefully you can hear the smart-ass comments made by The Lovely Christina and Keri.

A special thanks to Chris for working in the hot sun on his vacation and to Keri for documenting everything for me.

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