Doors Open Pembroke!

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Strictly speaking, this has nothing to do with The Woody Housing Project but it’s my website so I get to make the rules.

Today was the first ever Doors Open event in Pembroke.  The lovely Christina and I spent a good chunk of the day walking around town visiting the different participants.  We saw the fire station, the library, the armouries, city hall, the court house, and the museum at the local electric utility.

Our court house underwent a massive restoration/addition a few years ago and has been winning architectural and preservation awards ever since.  The building is beautiful and the tour was very good.  Here’s a picture of one of Pembroke’s most wanted:After some deliberation I decided to bail her out as long as she agreed to buy me lunch.

The fireman who toured us around the fire station was very nice.  He even let The Lovely Christina into the truck:

This next photo wasn’t part of the event.  Graffiti is bad but it’s hard to be mad when you’re laughing.

Wedding Rings & Wrecking Bars

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The pace of renovations around The Woody Housing Project has been very slow lately but I have a good reason: The Lovely Christina and I got married! It’s incredible how much time and energy it takes to plan a wedding, even a small one.

After a beautiful wedding day surrounded by all of our best friends and family, an amazing honeymoon in Vegas and a couple of weeks recovery, The Lovely Christina and I decided it was time to renovate something.

The blue bedroom is one of the few remaining rooms in the house that is uninsulated.  The “renovation” that had been done by previous owners is the exact same that was done in our master bedroom.  For this reason we decided that the blue bedroom would be a good trial run for future projects.

Blue bedroom before.

Blue bedroom emptied out.

As far as I can figure the most recent “renovation” in this room was done by the people who bought the house to turn it into apartments. Additional electrical outlets were added, the ceiling was strapped and acoustical tiles were stapled up, one of three exterior walls was (poorly) insulated, all original trim was removed, and the walls were covered in cheap sheets of paneling. It was the quickest way to get the room into a rentable condition.

As you can see the the paint scheme was interesting: opposite walls are painted black and beige, all original trim was painted gloss black and all the window trim was painted gloss red. What would possess a person to do that to a room? Why would you want to torture your eyes like that?

The electrical additions in this room were installed in chiseled-out channels in the plaster and then covered with paneling. Yet another surprise in this house buried underneath a quick fix.

Obligatory action shot!

The plaster  underneath the paneling was compromised by the previous cover-up job and so it had to be removed.  The Lovely Christina was a big help – it turns out that she quite enjoys demolition.

All winter and spring I’ve been liberating empty paper boxes from the office in anticipation of this job.  I’ve found that lining the wall with empty boxes to catch the falling plaster is a very efficient way to clean up the mess.  You can see how dusty the room is.

‘Till next time.

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