Blue Bedroom Ready For Visitors

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It’s been a long time since the first hammer-swing of demolition in the blue bedroom back in August but the bedroom is now finished and ready for visitors.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s gone on since I last checked in:

Once all the plaster was stripped from the walls and ceiling I was able to remove the inner layer of tongue and groove planking from the exterior walls. All of the electrical wiring needed to be redone and I also took the opportunity to run 2 coax and 2 cat-6 lines to the bedroom. The next step was custom fitting the insulation into the wall cavities – back when our house was built they hadn’t discovered insulation yet. The stud bays are all different sizes, none of which are recognized by insulation manufacturers which means it took me 2 days to insulate. The photo above shows the bedroom just before I replaced the tongue and groove planking.

Vapour barrier, drywall, baseboards and window and door casing went up next. When we bought the house all the original trim had been stripped from the room. I found a small planing mill near Arnprior that specializes in antique and custom moulding profiles that was able to supply all the casing, baseboard and rosettes. The crown moulding is a combination of 2 standard profiles carried at Home Depot and the panel mouldings (shown in the final photos) are also a Home Depot standard. The photo above shows the bedroom after the drywall primer and first cut-in was done. In the foreground you can see my production line for sanding and priming the trim.

The finished product. The Lovely Christina and I built our own padded and tufted headboards one weekend and picked out the perfect light fixture in Ottawa.

Another angle.

Since an old house has limited storage space we decided to buy the absolute largest dresser that would fit up the stairs. It took me, my dad and my neighbour Jim to haul the dresser up the centre of the front stairs.

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