New Lid

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This fall we got the remaining portion of the roof done.  We had previously had two smaller jobs done to address the trouble spots.  The most recent roofing job encompassed about 2/3 of the total roof area – it took a crew of five roofers four days.

Heating & Cooling

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It’s that time of year again when I start wondering if our furnace will last through another winter.  When the furnace guy came to do the annual tune-up this summer he informed me that I would probably get 1 more winter out of it, maybe 2 winters, and 3 would be pushing my luck.

The furnace ran for one day when it got chilly in October and then died.  The repair man who came to fix the furnace came up from the basement shaking his head and said “If I were you I would start saving your pennies.”

Here’s the old girl, after 20 years of faithful service:

Since the government energy retrofit grant program is about to expire we decided to bite the bullet and replace the furnace and add air conditioning as well.  A couple of energy audits and some paperwork should get us some grant money from the Federal and Provincial governments.

Here’s the sexy new furnace.  96% efficient, 75,000 Btu’s, dual stage, variable speed DC motor, electrostatic air filter and lifetime warranty on all major components:

The venting for the furnace and hot water tank was also replaced to bring it up to current building code.  The furnace condensate drain was rerouted to the sump hole rather than to the hole in the floor where the previous furnace was drained.

Here is the a/c unit.  We won’t get to use it for a while but it’s nice knowing it’s there.

The Last Door

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The Woody Housing Project came with most of it’s original doors, some in better condition than others.  Dad and I have stripped, repaired and refinished various doors as we’ve renovated the different rooms.  We’ve done the upstairs bathroom door, the 3 bedroom doors, the front door, the side door, the living room door, and the 2 pocket doors between the living and dining rooms.

Now there’s only 1 left – the office door.  There are 3 other doors in the house (basement, downstairs bathroom, pantry) but they’re cheap home centre hollow core doors that will be getting the heave-ho when it’s time.

Here’s the patient on the operating table:

I’m having trouble finding the motivation to start working on it.  I’ve been refinishing doors for so long that I never thought I would see the end, and now that the end is in sight I think I’ll miss the work.

I’m being foolish and should just put on my big boy pants and get on with it.

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