We Do Not Have Three Bats In Our House

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I found this post saved as a draft when I resurrected this website. This story took place in August 2013, very shortly before our first child was born… I got distracted.

We do not have three bats in our house. We also do not have mice. I’m sure there are other rodents we don’t have in our house but we’ll leave them out of this.

I came home for lunch one day and saw a pile of “mouse” droppings just inside the door, underneath the coat hooks.  I cleaned them up, made a mental note to pick up mouse traps next time I was at the hardware store, and then ate my lunch.  On my way out the door I noticed there was another dropping in the same place.  “I probably just missed one from earlier” I thought to myself and cleaned this one up too.

When I came home from work at the end of the day there were more droppings in the same place.  Some thoughts started to go through my mind:

  • “This mouse seems to poop a lot!”
  • “This mouse seems very particular about where he poops.”
  • “Perhaps I can train him to poop somewhere more convenient.”
  • “I should get those mouse traps sooner rather than later.”

I cleaned up the poops, turned my back on the designated pooping spot to throw the poops in the garbage and then turned back… AND THERE WAS ANOTHER POOP!!!!

Now I was getting annoyed.  I know I didn’t miss any poops this time.  The only explanation I could imagine was that the mouse had waited for me to turn my back, darted out from his hiding spot, pooped in the pooping place and then darted back into his hiding spot.  Now he’s just screwing with me!

The only problem is that the pooping spot was out in the open, far from any hiding spots.  I would have seen a mouse running across the floor, straining and grunting to do a fast poop, and then run back.

Where was the poop coming from?  Did we have phantom mice?

The only possible explanationI could imagine was that the mouse had somehow jumped from the floor into a jacket hanging on the hooks above the pooping spot.  But that was too high.  A mouse couldn’t jump 3 feet straight up, could he?

On  whim as much as anything else I gave the jackets a swat and then many things happened all at once:

  • Two bats dropped from the jackets and began flapping;
  • The Lovely Christina (who was 8 months pregnant at the time) screamed and threw the box of Triscuits she was snacking on;
  • I nearly jumped out of my skin, more from the shrieking than the sudden flurry of bats in my face;
  • The upstairs bathroom door slammed.

I never saw The Lovely Christina go.  She was there one second and gone the next.  I never thought it was possible for a very pregnant lady to move so quickly.

Bats in the house are rare but we’ve had them before.  Once my heart slowed a little I caught the two bats and threw them out into the evening.  I picked up the fallen Triscuits and then spent the next ten minutes trying to talk The Lovely Christina out of the bathroom.

Crisis over.

We ate supper and then went for a walk to calm our nerves.

Late that night I was doing some paperwork when I heard a scratching sound in the ceiling.  Deep down I knew it was another bat but I thought if I ignored it long enough it might go away.  It didn’t.

Another bat had gotten into the first floor ceilings, probably through the pocket door opening, and was fluttering and scratching wildly between the 4 main first floor rooms.

I called my father (who, remarkably, is always willing to drop everything to help) and between the two of us we determined that the thrid bat had wedged himself in the framing inside the pocket door cavity. We used a shop vac and a curtain rod to try to pry him out, all to no avail. Sadly, the rescue mission turned to a recovery mission in the wee hours of the morning.

It was a late night and an early morning the next day because Dad and I drove to Penetanguishene and back for some reason I can’t quite remember. But I’ll never forget the bats.

It’s been six years and no bats.

And then this happened…

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Henry William McGauley, September 22, 2013

…and then this…

Audrey Lauren McGauley, July 13, 2015

…and then somehow we ended up here…

Audrey & Henry, Christmas 2018

It’s been a whirlwind these past few years. The work on the house has not stopped, but rather lurched ahead in fits and starts. Spare moments here and there… renovating quietly during nap time, squeezing in 30 minutes between daycare drop off and the start of my work day and working through the night (it’s incredible what little people can sleep through).

This blog has been neglected but the work has carried on. Bear with me as I try to catch you up on the last 6 years…

Where am I?

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